Land & Sea Predator Pro Mask and Snorkel Set

Land & Sea Predator Pro Mask and Snorkel Set

  • $79.95

• Low Volume Single Lens Light and strong with low volume for deep dives
• Black Silicone Skirt blocks reflected light for greater clarity of colour and detail
• Non-Allergenic Silicone Skirt The ultimate in comfort and tight seal to prevent water leakage
• Swivel Clip Strap easy adjustment for comfortable wear
• Black Silicone Snorkel with Advanced Design Dry Tip prevents water entering the tube when diving underwater
• Hydrodynamic Snorkel Shaft glides easily through the water, reduces drag and prevents turbulence behind the snorkel
• Primary Purge Chamber diverts water away from the breathing chamber, preventing it from entering your mouth, allows easier clearance
• Secondary Purge Chamber for easier clearance of any water or condensation that collects in the tube
• Allergy Free Black Silicone Comfort Mouthpiece

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