Kids Wetsuits

Kids Wetsuits

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      At Long Reef Surf, we have a huge selection of kids wetsuits that will provide thermal comfort, protection, buoyancy, flexibility, and durability, empowering your child to fully embrace and enjoy any water sport.

       Here are many of the key benefits when you kit your kids out with a wetsuit:

      • Thermal Comfort: A wetsuit provides insulation, keeping your child warm in the water. It helps regulate body temperature, enabling them to enjoy water activities in various weather conditions without discomfort.
      • Protection from the Elements: A wetsuit acts as a protective layer, shielding your child's skin from sunburn, abrasions, and potential irritants. It also offers some degree of protection against jellyfish stings, sharp objects, and rough surfaces, reducing the risk of injuries.
      • Buoyancy and Safety: Wetsuits provide additional buoyancy, assisting your child's flotation and boosting their confidence in the water. This is particularly helpful for younger or less confident swimmers, enhancing their safety and reducing the risk of accidents.
      • Flexibility and Freedom of Movement: Wetsuits are designed to provide flexibility and unrestricted movement. They allow your child to swim, paddle, dive, or engage in any water sport with ease, ensuring optimal performance and enjoyment.
      • Durability and Longevity: High-quality wetsuits are built to withstand the demands of water sports, ensuring durability and longevity. Investing in a durable, well fitted wetsuit & with appropriate care, they should last multiple seasons, providing value for your money.

      At Long Reef Surf we have a huge range of styles and sizes starting at Toddler size 1 right up to teenage size 16. We have great styles for boys, girls and neutral coloured options for those needing to share across the family. Bring your little one into our store to ensure you get the right fit. Or feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help find the most suitable wetsuit for your precious kids.