Women's Springsuit Wetsuits

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      A Springsuit wetsuit, often known as "shorty", is a wetsuit that's ideal used in warmer waters. We have heaps of choices with either short or long sleeve and many different leg styles from longer leg to more cheeky styles.

      Springsuit wetsuits have many great benefits to help you enjoy your water activities:

      • Freedom of Movement: A springsuit wetsuit offers a greater range of motion compared to full steamer wetsuits. Generally they are made from 1.5mm or 2mm neoprene with short length legs, providing great flexibility during water activities such as surfing, paddleboarding, or kayaking. 
      • Comfortable Warmth: Spring suit wetsuits provide a comfortable level of insulation, making them ideal for activities in warmer waters or during the summer months. The neoprene material keeps your body warm without causing overheating, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the water.
      • Versatility: Springsuit wetsuits are versatile and suitable for a variety of water activities. Whether you're swimming, snorkelling, or engaging in water sports, the springsuit can adapt to different conditions and provides the necessary protection and comfort.
      • Sun Protection: Springsuits, especially long sleeve varieties, offer valuable protection against harmful UV rays. The coverage provided by the wetsuit's neoprene helps prevent sunburn and minimizes direct exposure to the sun, ensuring the well-being of your skin during extended periods spent in the water.
      • Stylish and Flattering: Women's spring suit wetsuits come in various styles, colours, and designs. You can choose a springsuit that not only offers functional benefits but also complements your personal style, so you can look stylish and feel confident while engaging in water activities.
      • Quick and Easy to Wear: Springsuits are generally easier and quicker to put on and take off compared to full wetsuits. This is particularly handy if you have little one's to also take care of, or you just want to avoid struggling with getting in and out of a wetsuit.

      At Long Reef Surf we have a huge selection of women's springsuit wetsuits that provide freedom of movement, comfortable warmth, versatility, sun protection, style, and convenience.  With a Spring suit you can confidently participate in your favourite water activities, stay protected, and showcase your own style while enjoying the water to the fullest!