Kids Rashies & Lycra

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      Long Reef Surf Co has a huge range of Kids "Rashies" - Rash Vests and Rash Guards. We have sizes and styles for every kid, from Toddler size 0 all the way up to size 16. Our range includes short sleeve rash vests, long sleeve rash vests, full body suits or toddler "onesies".

      Kids Rash Vests are essential gear to protect against the hot Australian sun. They were originally designed to prevent rashing when wearing under wetsuits but in recent years have evolved to be predominately about providing UV protection. Look for rash vests that come tested with an official UPF rating, so you can feel assured of adequate protection against sunburn and harmful UV rays, safeguarding your little one's delicate skin.

      Kids Rash Vests also offer a layer of defence against chafing and irritation from surfboards or wetsuits, ensuring a more comfy experience. We know how some kids are fussy about how their clothes feel so we have many soft styles too. Additionally, the brushed or thermal types can provide a bit of extra warmth in cooler waters or help against wind chill.

      With their durable and quick-drying properties, rash vests are an excellent choice to keep kids comfortable, protected, and enjoying their water adventures to the fullest. Get your kid decked out with the latest rashie styles from Long Reef Surf Co today.